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1. There is leakage of wax liquid at the bottom of the candle tubes.


a. The lead heads are too small and results in large clearance.
b. The starting cross beam is not lowered to the bottom.
c. The lead leads are out of limit


• Strike the lead heads lightly with the expanding punch, and leave a clearance of 0.04mm.
• Lower the cross beam to the bottom.
• Replace the lead heads

2. There is resistance when stripping. Up-down motion of the cross beam is not flexible.


• There is sealing-off of the lend heads and consequently lead heads block at the bottom o the water tank.
• Worm and gear do not mesh.
• The lead heads fit too tight
• There are dirties on worm and gear.
• There are scratches on the inner walls of the tubes.
• The temperature of the wax liquid exceeds 95C


• Remove the lead heads and weld it well.
• Adjust the guide wheel and resume original position.
• Adjust the clearance of he lead heads.
• Clear out the dirt.
• Eliminate the scratches on the inner walls of the tubes.
• Make the temperature of the wax liquid drop to below 95C.

3. Leaking of water from top and bottom of the tubes.


• The wax liquid is not completely cooled and stripping it made forcibly.
• The machine is not leveled well during the installation (or there were clashes during transportation).


• Scrape the old weld surface and weld up.
• Level the machine before use.

4.  Two ends of the cross beam are out of balance and this results in resistance.


• After overhaul, the assembled gears at two ends do not synchronize.
• There are dirtsat the gear lower stopping position.


• Reassemble the gears and make them synchronize.
• Clear out the dirts on the lower stopping iron.

5.  The wick can not be lifted,


• The bore diameter of the pushing-off tube is too large.
• The wick is too thin
• The spool does not turn on the axis.


• Replace the lead heads.
• Use standard wick
• Adjust the spool axis.

6. The top of he spiral candle lose its decorative pattern.


• Insufficient time of cooling and stripping is made too early. The pushing-off tube goes right through the candle center.


• Touch the candle with fingers to see if it's completerly solidified before stripping.
• If candle top loses its decorative pattern, let out the could water in the water tank and pour in hot water, then apply lubricant.

7.  The tip of the spiral candles break.


• The tubes are not straight
• The tubes are not perfectly cylindrical.
• The pushing-off tubes are not concentric with the candle tubes.
• The pushing-off tubes are not straight.


• Replace the candle tubes.
• Scrape the soldering tin on the top. Plug in round tool with appropriate taper and rotate.
• Adjust the circle center.
• Adjust the pushing-off tubes.

8. Air bubbles occur in spiral candles.


• The difference between the temperature of the ambient air and that of the water is too great.
• Improper temperature of the wax liquid.


• Adjust air temperature and water temperature both to 20 C.
• Wax liquid temperature shall be around 115 C before pouring.

9.  Breaking of the wick.


• The bore of lead head is too large and this leads to the leakage of wax liquid.
• There are knots on the wick.


• Replace the lead head.
• Refer to the threading method of he wick.

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