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Setting up a Candle Production

It is very easy to set up a factory for candle producing, all you need for the basis equipment are the wax melting, candle making machine, water tank, electric pulp, racks.

Wax melting machine:
For melting wax into liquid, 380V 50~60Hz. One set wax melting machine can supply the material for 4~5 sets common candle making machines.

Candle making machine:
Pour the liquid wax into the machine, when solid, rotate the wheel and get the candles. One kind candle making machine can produce one kind candle with one confirm specification (kinds of he candle: common shape, pillar shape, votive shape, tea-light shape, spiral shape and special shape etc.).
Candle making machine need not the power supply. The moulds in the machine will be cooled by circular water.

Water tank:
Store the water which will supply to the candle making machines. The circular water from the machine will back into the tank then be cooled naturally. The dimension of the tank is based on the quantities of the candle making machine you used, for your information, if you have 100 set candle making machine, you need a tank to store about 20 tons water. Such being the case, if you want to set up a small factory with the quantities of the machines under 20 sets to produce the candle, you can choose 10 tons water tank. Then you must have the preparation to enlarge the tank if your candles enjoy the good market and you also wish purchased more machines.

Electric pump:
To supply the power to transport the water from the tank to the candle making machine.

To store the candles which produced from the candle making machine.

The house you need to setup the factory is based on the quantities of the machine.

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Other information about the material:


Paraffin wax comes in different melting points. The type of candle you are making will determine which melting point to buy.

Paraffin is a petroleum by-product. It contains oil. The lower the melting temperature of the paraffin, the more oil content in the wax. You want low melt point wax for container candles, and higher melt point wax for moulded free-standing candles. Use the highest melt point wax for taper candles

Container Wax 54 degrees C (125-138 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. Use when you want your poured candle to stay in its container, i.e.. glass, tin, pot etc. This wax burns the longest in the container type candles because of its higher oil content. It melts first, then burns off.

Mould Wax 56-62 degrees C (139-143 Fah). It has less oil in it. The free-standing candle doesn't drip as it would if the wax melted at a lower temperature. Less oil in the wax also means it is firmer and retains its moulded shape well.

Dipping Wax 62 degrees C (145 Fah). This is the wax you use for making taper candles. It adheres to itself, so each dip will build upon the last to form the tapered candle. This wax can also be used as an overdip for pillar candles, to help them be drip free- or to seal pressed flowers that have been glued to the pillar candle.


Wicks come in different types and sizes. You will usually find small, medium and large (diameter measure) for each of the following types. Use one size higher for each 5 cm (2 inches) of candle diameter for long burning, drip reduced, non smoking candles. The relationship of the wick to the wax type and container or mould size/type is important for getting a long burning candle. Use a fatter wick for larger candles or for candles made from long burning wax, like beeswax or paraffin with hardening additives in it. When using flat braid wick, place the wick in your candles with the nap or grain of the braid down ('v' up-open at the top). If you wick a candle with the grain of the braid going from bottom to top (the wrong way) when the candle burns it will develop a carbonized ball on it, and that will smoke and burn unevenly. Don't worry about wick direction with paper core or metal core wicking.

It is important that you match the type of wick to the type of candle you are making:

Flat Braid - Looks like it sounds. It has a decorative appearance, and can be used for most candles but it tends to flop over and drown itself in your candle during burning. This kind of wick is mostly used for taper candles.

Square Braid - Has a more sturdy structure. Use in moulded candles, container candles and dipped candles.

Metal Core - Zinc or Lead. Use for small container candles and votives or tea lights, tiny terra cotta pots.
Paper Core - Use for small container candles too. They may smoke more than a metal core wick.

Production Line Drawing

setup your own candle factory How to setup the Factory

Setup the Candle Production Line


make the regular candle Candle Making Machine (pouring)

Common shape
Spiral shape
Taper shape
Pillar shape
7 Days & 7 Nights
Birthday shape
T-light Shape
Votive Shape
Floater Shape
Container Shape
Special Shape

Melt the solid wax Wax Treat Equipment

Melt the solid into liquid, then supply it to the candle making machine or the paraffin powder spraying machine.
Wax Melting Machine

Instant Melting Box

Adjusting Color Pot


Produce your candle by more moden machine Automatic Candle Making Machine

The equipment to make the T-light shape candle, votive shape cadle, pillar shape candle by express, automatic one. Needs the paraffin powder as the raw material.
Auto. Candle Extruder

Tealight Candle Reeling & Pressing Machine

Filling Line


Chalk & Crayon Making Machine Chalk & Crayon Making Machine

The equipment to make chalk or crayon.
Chalk Making Machine

Crayon Making Machine



Material and additives for the candle and chalk making

T-light Cup and Tab
Stearic Acid (stearine)
Citronella Oil
Colors & Pigment
Special wick for T-light, votive and 7 Days & 7 Nights

Gypsum (for Chalk)


Relavent Equipment

T-Light Cup Machine

Water Cooling System

Wick Dipping Machine

Wick Cutting Machine

Candle Packing

Candle Packaging Machine (household)

Tealight Candle Packaging


Paraffin Powder Manufacturing

Paraffin Powder Spraying Machine

Paraffin Powder Milling Drum

Super Powder House





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Complete Production Line

Complete Tealight Candle Pressing Line

Complete Tealight Filling Line

Automatic Birthday Candle Production Line

Make Candle by Hand

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