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W e, Guan Candle Making Machine Co.,Ltd. ,are the leading manufacturer of the candle and chalk making machine in China.

T he machine is simple in structure and small in size. The mould are made of seamless copper pipes or alloy to assure precision and easy operation. The pushrods are connected with seamless steel threads and can be moved up and down to vary the length of the candle. The machine is cooled through a circulating water system.

My customers locate all over the world, Such as China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vinan, Pakistan, Quatar, Yemen, Israel, Turkey, Kazakistan, UK, Spain, Haiti, Eritea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madacascar, Mauritius, South African, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Ghana.Cyprus, Netherland, Libia, Panama, Romania, Cameroon, Malavi, Uganda, Australia, etc.

COTECNA, BV and SGS Inspection are acceptable.

My agent will contact you if you come from South America.

Please do not require the catalogue, it is only one color page.

If you reimtted the payment kindly please send the receipt to me by e-mail or fax so that I can check with the bank and produce the machine for you at once.

In general, the machines will be shipped to you within 35 days after the receipt of the payment.

Please do not require the Proforma Invoice before you make your decision. It is a serious business and we should assist each other.

A ll of our machines were produced according to the candle sizes or samples given by the customers. Besides, we have more than 490 kinds of candle machines. We also produce pule Changeable candle machine and tea-light pressing tally automatic candle machine.

I t is a happy thing for us to assist you in the candle market, please be assured that we will suport you with all of our acknowledge and service.

setup your own candle factory How to setup the Factory

Setup the Candle Production Line


make the regular candle Candle Making Machine (pouring)

Common shape
Spiral shape
Taper shape
Pillar shape
7 Days & 7 Nights
Birthday shape
T-light Shape
Votive Shape
Floater Shape
Container Shape
Special Shape

Melt the solid wax Wax Treat Equipment

Melt the solid into liquid, then supply it to the candle making machine or the paraffin powder spraying machine.
Wax Melting Machine

Instant Melting Box

Adjusting Color Pot


Produce your candle by more moden machine Automatic Candle Making Machine

The equipment to make the T-light shape candle, votive shape cadle, pillar shape candle by express, automatic one. Needs the paraffin powder as the raw material.
Auto. Candle Extruder

Tealight Candle Reeling & Pressing Machine

Filling Line


Chalk & Crayon Making Machine Chalk & Crayon Making Machine

The equipment to make chalk or crayon.
Chalk Making Machine

Crayon Making Machine



Material and additives for the candle and chalk making

T-light Cup and Tab
Stearic Acid (stearine)
Citronella Oil
Colors & Pigment
Special wick for T-light, votive and 7 Days & 7 Nights

Gypsum (for Chalk)


Relavent Equipment

T-Light Cup Machine

Water Cooling System

Wick Dipping Machine

Wick Cutting Machine

Candle Packing

Candle Packaging Machine (household)

Tealight Candle Packaging


Paraffin Powder Manufacturing

Paraffin Powder Spraying Machine

Paraffin Powder Milling Drum

Super Powder House





members only

Complete Production Line

Complete Tealight Candle Pressing Line

Complete Tealight Filling Line

Automatic Birthday Candle Production Line

Make Candle by Hand

Teach you how to make candle

Vivid Candles

Make Candle with mould


Guan Candle Making Machine Co.,Ltd.
We are the manufacturer of the candle, crayon and chalk making machine.

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